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ZAPRASZAMY SZKOŁY I NAUCZYCIELI! Wciąż mamy możliwość zaangażować: 3 szkoły z województwa dolnośląskiego 4 szkoły z województwa opolskiej 4 szkoły z województwa wielkopolskiego 11 szk

Because a goodbye is always a decision

It’s the circle of EVS. Volunteers are coming and just one year later they are leaving and new ones are arriving. I knew this from this very first second but I never thought that something your head k

A team-building day Semper Avanti style

Working and living together every day with volunteers from 8 different countries can be quite a challenge sometimes. That’s why a team-building day every now and then is really important. But there i

24 hours in the life of a volunteer

8.00 am: Something is buzzing. Something is making a noise. Something is extremely annoying. Slowly, I manage to open my eyes. Okay, one eye. And there I see it. The source of annoying noises: my alar

Call for Portuguese volunteers!

Semper Avanti is looking for two volunteers from Portugal for long term projects that will take place in Brzeg Dolny and Środa Śląska, small towns in Lower Silesian Voivodeship. Are you interested