Learning, improving, travelling

A mid-term conclusion of an EVS experience I am extremely glad, I came to Wroclaw for my EVS. Right now, I can not imagine I ever wanted to study right after school. In the past four months, I l

Erasmus Welcome to Wroclaw!

~Workshops, Pierogi and people from all over Europe Last October I participated with other volunteers and some coordinators from Semper Avanti at the event “Erasmus Welcome to Wroclaw”. I had the po

Virtual Trip to Romania and Georgia

~Cultural Presentation Have you ever been in Romania or Georgia? Do you know how the locals are living and their culture is? Yes or no? This has been the first question for studendts from Ząbkowic

Teaching Human Rights

Non-formal way to teach human rights All of us know that we have rights. As soon as we started discussing human rights, we could see that it is a complicated topic. Complicated because it is a sensit

Erasmus +

The main Aim The main Aim of Erasmus+ is to improve level of key competences such as soft and technical skills. Also a big part is networking to improve the quality of youth work and support competen