24 hours in the life of a volunteer

8.00 am: Something is buzzing. Something is making a noise. Something is extremely annoying. Slowly, I manage to open my eyes. Okay, one eye. And there I see it. The source of annoying noises: my alarm clock. With a heavy sigh I finally turn it off and open my second eye. It’s time to get this day started. With one last yawn, I convince myself that I am ready to get up.

9.30 am: After the daily morning routine and a quick breakfast, I am standing at the Tram stop waiting for the Tram that takes me to the office. While waiting, I am listening to some music. Nothing motivates me more in the morning than hearing that I am the Dancing Queen. I look around me. Lots of people with headphones in their ears. All waiting to go to work or university. They look more or less happy. I would love to know their stories. Why is this woman, dressed very elegant, smiling so much? Has this boy an exam this morning or why is he looking so serious, even a bit scared?

10.00 am: After making some coffee and turning on my Laptop, I start working now. Today will definitely not be boring. I have way too much to do for that!

10.45 am: The first calls are made, the first e-mails are written and the first catch-up with the co-workers done. My task right now is to find internship places for polish students in Germany. It definitely sounds easier than it is, but what would life be without a challenge, right?

11.30 am: Time to get to Zolty Parasol, a NGO where I teach German for Seniors. This task is somewhat like quality-time for me. I teach them German and in exchange they share with me their life experiences (and a bit of polish). I am always learning so much from them. Elderly people are just extremely inspiring.

1.00 pm: The lesson for this week is over. It was great as always. I just love how eager they are to learn German. How they love learning all the grammar rules, how they always want to have homework. Once, I didn’t have homework for them and they were actually disappointed. That is exactly the spirit every volunteer is wishing for when giving (language) lessons!

1.30 pm: LUNCHTIME! Today’s food: Pierogi (how cliché, I know. But they are just sooo delicious!). Today’s Topic: Future. Always a fun topic! And a very common and often discussed topic the closer the ends of our EVS come. Our ideas for the future are quite similar – we don’t really have any. So decision making reaches from flipping a coin to decide for a university to throwing darts at a Europe map to decide for a country to stay in.
Obviously decision making is one of our easiest tasks!

2.45 pm: YES! Finally a success in finding places for the interns! I guess it is true what they say. That hard work actually pays off at some point! Hopefully the final confirmation will come tomorrow!

4.00 pm: Time to end a hard but quite productive day at the office. The lovely sound of a laptop getting shut down and the lovely final cup-washing task to end the day. Stepping out of the office, I realize that the sky looks really dark, really cloudy. Please God of the Weather, let me get home before the rain!

4.30 pm: Obviously the weather God does not like me. How my way home was? Well, let’s say if I’d known my hair would volunteer to take all the rain in this world in it, I wouldn’t have washed it this morning.

5.30 pm: Finally it stopped raining and the sun is out again. I am leaving my flat to meet with a former volunteer for some sports. Table tennis. I admit, table tennis doesn’t sound like the hardest or most challenging sport on earth, but when you play it fast and professionally it can get quite exhausting (not that we can play like that, but theoretically).

7 pm: After our serious table tennis session, we are going now to the park to enjoy the sunset and to play Monopoly. Monopoly actually is the most perfect game for people from different nations because really everyone knows the rules and it’s always so much fun!
On the way to the park we bought some food. And because we’re trying to be healthy we bought some water to drink (okay, and coke. But psst, don’t tell anyone!) and to eat some Strawberries (okay, and chocolate. But let’s be honest: what would Strawberries be without chocolate?!)

10.30 pm: I am back home now. Time to get to bed. It was a really nice day and I am looking forward to tomorrow! Good night!