A team-building day Semper Avanti style

Working and living together every day with volunteers from 8 different countries can be quite a challenge sometimes. That’s why a team-building day every now and then is really important.
But there is a difference between team-building days and team-building days Semper Avanti style!

We started by eating the most important meal of the day together – a good breakfast. While enjoying the taste of bread with Nutella and Bananas, we mainly talked about the World Cup and of course we tried finding out what will happen after breakfast because none of us had a plan! Then, we were finally divided into two groups and got the paper with the tasks, it was three of them.

One: Go to the city square and find people who can complete the 10 following sentences. Each sentence brings one point. Each selfie you can get, will bring you five extra points 

People we needed to find were for example someone who has older siblings or  someone who studies in Wroclaw, knows two foreign languages and many more.
After reading the first task, we immediately went to the market square. My group walked (or better fitting: run) to the square. Though we were hurrying up, we had enough time to make some jokes, take some pictures and invent an effective strategy.
Pretty soon we got the first answers and the first beautiful selfies. Not shortly after we arrived at the market square it started to rain a little bit but that didn’t influence our mood at all! The day was way too great and funny already and it was about to become even funnier with the second task.

Two: Stop at the Opera. Choose at least one team member who will sing.

This task was so perfectly done by us! I’ve never seen something funnier than my group trying to sing a Georgian song. We laughed so much that our stomachs hurt afterwards!
After our singing even the sun was happy and came back out again, so we could accomplish the last task in the sunshine.

Three: The last stop is National Forum of Music. Task? Dance in a group!

In the task before, we already proved that we can compete with professionals when it comes to this kind of arts. So you can imagine how extraordinary wonderful and elegant we solved this task.

Okay, maybe, but just maybe we actually looked everything but elegant.
We danced (well, tried might fit better) Polonez, a typical polish dance. It seemed super easy because it’s basically just walking in a row. But somehow we managed to let it look a little bit chaotic. That is actually some kind of talent. I don’t know for what it could be useful, but anyway, talent is talent.
The other group was next to us, dancing Macarena. It also looked quite professional. In general, I think one can say, we’re pretty amazing dancers and singers!

After running back to the office, we counted the points and decided what we want to do next. Because we have some football freaks in the group, we agreed on going to the market square for eating lunch and watching the Brazil-Costa Rica match.
When the match was finished, we still stayed together and talked about many different things – from university and high school life to religion. It was the perfect way to end the day! It was a really great and funny day and it helped us to bond even more as a group.

But, I guess what I am actually trying to say with all of this is that being a volunteer at Semper Avanti is more than just being a volunteer. It’s being part of a freaky, funny, wonderful crazy, quite extraordinary and simply amazing group. You’re part of a family, the Semper family. Without a doubt the craziest family I ever had, but I wouldn’t change thing.








Author: Jasmin