An Internship for developing

Another group of italian interns spent three weeks in Wroclaw, exploring the city and getting an insight of their future work.
One of them wrote us how she experienced the last weeks:

“It has been a very good experience, for our personal life and for our English.
I advice this project to everyone because it is a travel that changes your life.
You grow up inside, you become more responsible because you live just with the tutor and your friends, but without your parents. That changes the lifestyle completely.

The tutors and all the organisation is very good and essential. They help you in every moment, in every case and this is a good thing for a good journey.
The place of work is cozy and the company’s tutor are always there for you.

During this time, I learned better English, got an insight of my future work and I understoond that I can live good alone in this kind of experience because I’m responsible and I don’t have any problems with new people.
Wroclaw is better and nicer than I thought and Poland’s people aren’t “cold” but they are friendly and welcoming.
I hope to do a similar experience again because it is very useful and I thank all the people who were part of this experience!”


Author: Francesca