Between coldness and excitement – a daytrip to Krakow


Saturday, 7 am: A group of Italian Interns is fighting their way through a cold and snowy Wroclaw to our meeting point.

In their faces – coldness, tiredness and excitement.

Excitement because we were about to start a daytrip to Krakow. After a few freezing minutes outside, we went inside our bus. Feeling all warm and cozy, the anticipation started to grow. And with it the mood did too.
We made a first quick stop in Opole to pick up the other interns working there. After that stop, we continued our journey to Krakow and as soon as we left Opole, it got very quiet because almost everyone fell asleep.

As soon as we entered Krakow the silence and the sleepiness were history and life and volume came back into the bus. The last part of the drive was filled with laughter, talking and singing.

Arrived in Krakow, we walked to our first stop there – a restaurant! Still surrounded by the Italian language in form of conversations and songs, we enjoyed the little walk, but of course, everyone was happy when we arrived at the restaurant.

It was a really nice and delicious lunch with a lot of interesting talks about cultural differences, different countries and abroad experiences.

After the common lunch, our interns went for a sightseeing tour in a very cold but still beautiful Krakow. After that, everyone had some free time, but at some point, they all went to a Café to drink a coffee, tea or hot chocolate to warm themselves up.

Then, our day in Krakow almost over and with a last walk through the old town we went back to our warm bus.The way back became very quiet again. Soon, sleep was all over the bus and it just changed when we arrived in Opole to say goodbye to part of the group.
The last way of the trip was quiet, but nice. Though, everyone was happy when we arrived back in Wroclaw.

It was a great and exciting day with lots of interesting talks, new information and new impressions of another beautiful polish city.


Author: Jasmin