Boungiorno interns from Italy!

Everyone can do an internship in their own city, but doing it abroad is a bigger adventure.
Last Friday, we welcomed 12 new interns from Italy, who chose to start a new journey in Poland and switch pizza, pasta and sun for pierrogi, bigos and winter.

To give them a warm welcome, we took them to the Christmas Market and they tried typical polish food. Is there a better way to get to know each other than sharing food?

After the first night in Poland the mission for saturday was to explore Wroclaw and to get intouch with the local community. The day began to look for the dwarfs and it ended with singing a typical polish song with Poles. The interns accomplished the city game and beat the cold.
Later that day, we sent them out to make their own experiences and met them again on monday to our training. Besides from all the paperwork and the important rules, they learned how to survive and what they shouldn’t miss out during their one and a half month in Poland.

On Tuesday, the internship started. In the fields of mechanic (Opel, Euromaster bus serwis) in Opole and CNC (Metal System), electronic (Hubag), video(Vireo Media) and graphic(Agencja Reklamowa Czart) in Wrocław, they will develope their knowledge. The interns will improve their skills and get to know the polish work attitude.

We hope they will enjoy their time here as much as we enjoyed the first days with them and have a lot of fun!