The main Aim of Erasmus+

The main Aim of Erasmus+ is to improve level of key competences such as soft and technical skills. Also a big part is networking to improve the quality of youth work and support competences of policy reform. Another part is that Erasmus wants to enhance the international dimension & capacity of youth work.
To implement the aim and give each part the full power, Erasmus has three Key Actions.
Since our department offers internships, we are part of the Key Action 1 section. (cf. European Comission UK, 2018)

Key Action 1 ~ Mobility of Individuals

In Key Action 1 project, which provide opportunities to improve skills, enhance employability and help gaining cultural awareness, are welcome. One of the many goals is to strength the knowledge of the European project and the EU values (cf. European Commission, 2018)

Projects offering work experience, trainings and teaching oppurtunitys and job shadowing are funded.
A requirement is also that it has to be in the field of youth.

In Key action 1 mobilitys are supported in the education, training and youth sector. The Aim is to brings long lasting benefits to both parties, participants and organisations. (cf. European Commission, 2018)

Such projects will “enhanced employability and improved career prospects (cf. European Commission, 2018).“




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