“This was the best time and experience of my life…”

“You shouldn’t miss it…”

“Every single person must do it…”

“…you will improve yourself…”

“Do it!”


Oh, sorry, I almost forgot, these are my friends talking to me about EVS – European Voluntary Service. These sentences are probably 2% of the stories I have heard about volunteering life. All of them are impressive, really impressive. The first was my brother, then a friend, then another friend and then another. They all did EVS. They risked and won.

You listen to many stories: some of them are funny, some of them – horrible, but you still listen and want to be part of it because, to be honest, these kinds of stories are more interesting, and your desire is getting bigger and bigger.

Then one more friend, another friend and even more stories:


“You must do it…”


Let’s forget these stories. You see how these people changed, all of them: more independent, more open-minded, more creative, more purposeful and with different visions. You meet their friends from abroad, coming to Georgia and you see that their friendship is so good. You want to be like them.


Then, finally, you make a decision – “OK, I am going to do it!”

Make a CV and write a motivation letter.

Message Sent.

Having an online interview, they seem so familiar and kind.

Waiting for an answer.

The answer is “yes, we want you to be in our team” and you are glad.

Then several bad thoughts start coming and you are on the line, but you know, good things are waiting for you out there.

The Visa Preparation process is a little bit boring, because it is delayed and during this time those bad thoughts are still coming and becoming stronger.

You got a visa and tickets. So, ready to go, but wait: “Are you sure that you are ready?!”

It’s the hardest moment to say good bye to your relatives and friends, but come on, it’s just one year.

Last day – the hardest time.

Watching so many sad faces staring back at you, even those friends.  Then waiting for the flight, which is also delayed – you stay with yourself and start thinking. Before this, you were more sure, but now? – Yes, still sure.

The way is so long. Okay, not so long, but you believe so.

Expectation – what a strange thing. Very soon you will see everything by yourself.

“The last stop: Wroclaw

Author: Giorgi
Photographs: Walid