How to bring five nations together: a Semper Avanti Board game night

Italians, Polish, Germans, Turkish and Maltese playing Board games together…

What sounds like the beginning of a good joke was actually what happened last week when volunteers, interns and workers spend a great game night together.

At 9 pm we met at the Hex Pub to spend the evening old-school style with playing Board games.
After a few rounds of card games, the group automatically divided itself into three smaller groups to let some serious rounds of real Board gaming start.
One of our groups started to play Wsiąść do Pociągu: Europa, the second one played Dixit and the last one started with Dominion.

Because it would be too easy if five different nations would just play Board games together, a difficulty was add.
Have you ever tried to read the rules of a game in a language where you understand approximately two words? I can tell you, there are easier things in this world.

But because we are in Poland, of course all the rules of the games were in polish. That’s why we always had to trust this one person saying they know the rules.
Apparently, this one person always won (Coincidence…?)

Anyway, with getting to know cool people, laughing and playing games, everyone won and every single one of us left the place smiling.

Board games – something that was cool with 7, that became cool again with 17 and that can bring together 5 different nations.





Author: Jasmin