Learning, improving, travelling

A mid-term conclusion of an EVS experience

I am extremely glad, I came to Wroclaw for my EVS. Right now, I can not imagine I ever wanted to study right after school.

In the past four months, I learned more than I could ever imagine. This whole “improving yourself” thing is working quite perfectly for me. 
I learned so much when it comes to work. More than once, I got way out of my comfort zone. I put myself (okay, I let my coordinators put me) in situations where I was really frightened because I’ve never experienced something like this.
I always knew, I can be passionate about things. But here, I found out how much I am willing to give, when I am into something. And I even found out, that sometimes, that’s too much.
After this year, I will still have so much to learn, but at least, I know where to start because I tried different things, different tasks and I have an idea about where to continue.

And that is just the working part.

I think, that right now, I am the best version of myself. Most of the time, I am happy because of the people I am surrounded by. Because of the experiences I made.
I made friends, I have more in common with, than I ever had before with my friends. Because no matter how different we are, being in Poland, doing an EVS, all unites us. And that is an experience, I would never want to miss!
For the first time in my life, I am living alone. And it is so exiting and I had to learn so much about it. But I am improving my skills as a flatmate and I think I am doing quite okay now…
I am learning so much about myself. I never thought, that is possible.

When I am looking at what people from my high school are doing now, I am even more glad, I am here.
EVS in Wroclaw combines everything I dreamed of. Improving my working skills, travelling and improving me.


Author: Jasmin