Planning in theory & working in reality!

Every mobility begins with a lot of planning and taking care of the the possible what if’s situations..

So, Semper Avanti VETin team is working hard to implement a good plan for upcoming Vet Moving project. The project is being implemented in collaboration with UNISER soc. coop. Onlus, and Associazione Emiliano Romagnola Centri Autonomi.

Next week 20 interns and two tutors from Emilia-Romagna are starting their VET-Mobility.
But with just buying a plane ticket our work is not done!

Where should they stay?
What kind of job placement do we need?
How do they get to know the country?

Next to answering all those question and many more, we took care of paperwork, insurance and made sure that they will not only see their workplace. 
To make sure everyone will adjust in Poland, we prepared an information kit, with all the necessary information to survive the time abroad.

In theory their three weeks with us are planned and everything will be fine.
In reality we know we can have a good plan, but we can’t plan everything. We know that our flexible team will find a solution no matter what.

What if every traditional polish restaurant is closed? We will have fun cooking together polish dishes!

So enough of the theory: We are looking forward to pick up our new interns from the airport and be part of their experience!

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