Teaching Human Rights

Non-formal way to teach human rights

All of us know that we have rights. As soon as we started discussing human rights, we could see that it is a complicated topic. Complicated because it is a sensitive topic, filled with sensitive topics itself, like discrimination, racsism and equality.
In order to let students (from Żmigród Bilingual School) get intouch with the topic, we organized two workshops.
Our volunteers began the first workshop with a simple energizer, where students had to briefly introduce themselves and give an example of violation of human rights. Surprisingly all their examples had been similar.

Afterwards the students reprented different roles of the society, judged them and got judged. Followed by the decision, who in their opinion is the perfect and the worst neighbour.
At the beginning students had been very shy. For them was the topic in the beginning really complicated and they were shy to talk english. So our volunteers started to help them and engage them to talk. It seemed to work, because a lot opinion emerged. 

The second workshop took part in the Semper Avanti office in Wroclaw. For the students it was a great experience to be here.
On this workshop, our volunteers from Palestine, Italy and Romania, played with the students the World Trade Game. The aim of this game is to help the participants to understand, how trade influences the development of a country and to create interest and discussion about the world trading system in an enjoyable and non-academic way. The game showed, through the production of different paper products, how the world trade works. How do countries interact? Who are the winners? Who are the losers?

In the end of the activities, the students and also our volunteers were impressed and satisfied, with their new knowledge.


Authors: Daniela & Davy