Virtual Trip to Romania and Georgia

~Cultural Presentation

Have you ever been in Romania or Georgia? Do you know how the locals are living and their culture is?

Yes or no? This has been the first question for studendts from Ząbkowice Sląskie, who took part at one of the cultural presentations. This time Anuka (Georgia) and Daniela (Romania) talked about their country and culture.

Anuka likes to start her presentation with the question: “Where could I be from?” She gives them hints, but than the guessing begins, some thought she is from Morrocco, Spain or Mongolia. She told us that she loves how students react to the Georgian alphabet and some “weird” Georgian letters. Together with the students, she has so much fun repeating Georgian and Polish tongue-twisters.

Youngsters from Ząbkowice Sląskie were also very impressed about Daniela’s presentation and about how beautiful Romania is! Our volunteer gave them some travel tips and told them which is the best way to go to Romania.

Also, students were very surprised when they discovered some similar traditional food in Romania and Poland, like Sarmale in Romania and Gołąbki in Poland, Pierogi and Coltunasi and also Flaki and Ciorba de Burta.

The students are so smart and I was very emotional when I showed them some basic words and sentences in Romanian language and they read them so good, almost perfect. If in the beginning of my presentations they knew just about Bucharest and Dracula Castle, at the end of the lesson, all of them asked me a lot of questions and showed me how impressed they are“, told us Daniela.

Of course other volunteers also have those kind of presentation and next time the will tell us about it.

Authors: Anuka & Daniela