Volunteers visiting Wroclaw NGO’s grill contest

How we spend our afternoons in Wroclaw

Have you ever wondered what we Volunteers are doing in our free time? After 4 pm, when we’re not presenting our culture, not teaching Seniors languages or talking with students about Human Rights?

Of course there are different things we do in the afternoon, but every now and then, we’re attending some events and one of these events just happened in Wroclaw.

Recently was a grill contest of NGO’s in Wroclaw. We weren’t participating, but that didn’t hold us back from going there anyway. To check it out. To maybe get some good food…

So Davy, Elif, Andreas and me met there. We didn’t know exactly where the contest would take place, but actually it was pretty easy to find it – we just followed the smell of barbecue.

Arrived there, we had the chance to try grilled food from five different NGO’s. From grilled corn to meat with loooots of garlic and a latino version of gnocchi with a spicy guacamole.   

Due to missing forks and knifes, we probably didn’t look that pretty while eating, but at least we had fun. And that was the most important thing (besides from getting free food – of course!)


Doing things like this outside the office is way more than just important to us.
Yes, Friendships might be built in an office, but they get strong and true when you eat together, talk and the most important: laugh together.

So, how does a volunteer’s afternoon look like? Go with a group of friends to a place with free food, enjoy the time together and deepen your friendship. It’s the best way to spend the time!








Author: Jasmin