Why Poland?

If every volunteer would get one grosze for answering that question there wouldn´t be the stereotype about poor volunteers!
So why Poland? All our volunteers have their own reasons why they came here. Some chose Poland and Poland chose some of them.
There are reasons such as:

  • I chose the project!
  • I wanted to explore an eastern European country
  • The love to polish architecture and a famous polish director!
  • Curiosity, if the stereotypes are true.
  • Affordable and good location to go abroad.
  • My Mom found it and thought it is a good oppurtunity!

Actually it doesn’t matter why they are here, it is more a matter why others should come aswell.
All our volunteers agreed on, that Poland is an underestimate country with it´s own history, beautiful citys, landscape and good food (specially the pastry).
Next to the good geografical position, which makes it easy to travel around Europe, it is also for young people affordable to travel around Poland and try the cuisine. They can not only collect a lot of pictures for their photo album, also they will have a lot of storys to tell.
Lets not forget about the polish mentality, which is worth a try. They maybe seem cold and distance first, but as soon as the ice is broken, you will find new friends.

As Daniela our volunteer from Moldova sumed it up perfectly: “If you want to get to know Poland, you have to explore it.”

Celebrating Andrzejki!

For an expierence abroad a lot of challenges, will wait and help foreigners grow, but also lets not forget all those traditions polish people have.
Especially Poland is a country with a lot of hidden qualitys and advanteges. So far none of our volunteers regret the decision to come here and if it is only for paczki. So thats why!