What polish students learn from international volunteers

The tasks we, the Semper Avanti volunteers, have here are very diverse.

Nevertheless, our main task is to provide workshops. Workshops about our culture. Workshops about our traditions. Workshops about Human Rights. Workshops about EVS or workshops to prepare interns for their time abroad.

In the past months, everyone of us found their own way of conducting a workshop. Everyone of us has their own way to combine power point presentations, games, quizzes and discussions.


Still, we all agree on the main aim we want to achieve, about the impact we want to have.
The most important thing for us is to give information about our cities and countries that you cannot find on the internet. We are not in schools to tell them what they can also find on google. We are there to bring our culture to polish students, to make them interested in other countries. We are there to share with them what makes every of our countries so special.


When this works out, the workshops we conduct are a success. We can have fun with the students.
It’s an exchange of jokes, interesting questions and unexpected stories and experiences.

And exactly those moments we’re trying to create are part of the reason why we love what we do.