Main Aim

An internship is for young people the opportunity to not only get to know a profession, but also develop technical and soft skills.

The interns can look into a profession and decide during the period whether they like it or not.
Even when they work already in that branch an internship gives them a possibility to learn new skills.

Next to all the professional improving, especially young people discover also parts of their personality during this experience.
In a new environment with new people interns are out of their comfort-zone. They have to learn to adjust to unknown situations, to deal with conflict situations and to present themselves. Also they will improve their teamwork skills.

So an internship is that kind of experience, where interns can learn in a protected environment a lot of skills for their future path.

An internship with us!

We are offering with our experience (sending & hosting) good internship places with companys we trust!
In various mobilitys we covered already various fields such as mechanics, air conditioning, beauty care (hairdressing, make-up), CNC, plumbing, electricity, gastronomy, graphic design, social work, administration and accountancy.

Our VET-Team makes sure that the companys helps our interns to make an experience in a professional environment and not only cook coffee.

Next to that we offer young people the opportunity to make an internship abroad, which is not only useful for their technical skills also for their personal development (soft skills).
They have to adopt in a new country and deal with cultural differences. So they can gain cultural awareness. To support this we take our interns to cultural trips to popular destinations in Poland (Ausschwitz, Krakow, Warsaw,…) and invite them to other activities (barbeque, city games,…).

Our Team:

  • looks for accommodation/insurance and does all paperwork
  • offers workshops
  • checks on every intern and follows their development
  • cares about personal satisfaction
  • offer 24h service
  • communicate between companys, interns and schools

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