European Vocational Skills Training

EVST – European Vocational Skills Training is a way to do the short-term internship abroad (usually it takes 4 – 6 weeks). The project is aimed at people who due to the limited knowledge of foreign languages or other essential abilities required in the specific field cannot find any host company or institution. While participating in the EVST project your task is to carry out some research into a chosen professional issue. The mentioned research should be based on interviews, meetings and analysis of resources, also downloaded from the Internet. Finally, the participant should present the concrete results. The methods of presentation are up to the researcher. Cooperation in small groups is possible, too.  The participant can make a comparison between star grading systems of accommodation in Poland and in the United Kingdom or compare the insurance systems in France and Spain. As a result, an intern receives a certificate which confirms acquired skills.

If you would like to participate in the EVST project, send an email: