Giuseppe – stażysta z Włoch w naszym zespole

Do naszego grona dołączył kolejny członek. Możecie go poznać czytając kilka słów, które napisał sam o sobie. Poznajcie Giuseppe!

Hi! My name is Giuseppe, i’m 24 and i’m from Italy.

I recent obtained my master’s degree in ”Science of Government and Public Policies” at University of Padua and also there i obtained 3 years ago my bachelor degree in „Political science, international relations and human rights”

Now i’m living in Poland, precisely in Wroclaw, for 6 month because i’m doing an internship in an NGO Semper Avanti with the program Erasmus +. I hope this experience could be for me very important: first about obtain other skills in the field of working, second to improve my English and try to study polish, third: meet new people.

I’m funny and serious at the same time. I need people near me that smiling and can trasmit me not only happines but also something new to discover and learn.

I like play and watch football, travel a lot, read magazine and newspaper and maybe i’m quite nerd.

That’s all… Do widzenia