Gościmy nowych wolontariuszy! Goście z Hiszpanii i Rumuni już przyjechali.

Niedawno do naszego zespołu EVS dołączyli nowi wolontariusze z Hiszpanii i z Rumuni. Mobilność wolontariuszy w ramach projektu trwa 12 miesięcy.

Zapraszamy do zapoznania się z naszymi wolontariuszami.



José Escobedo – Hiszpania

Hello everybody!

My name is José Escobedo, I am 22 years old and I am from Valencia, Spain. In my country I live in a small town, very near to the city. The town’s name is Cheste.

I have studied a university degree, and my career name is Pedagogy. It’s about education: their history, their politics, their theory, etc. I think that It’s a beautiful degree, and It’s very good to opening the mind, and to look the world with critics eyes. Usually the people who study this degree are more sensitized with the socials aspects.

Now I am here, in Wroclaw, trying to improve my English and learn Polish, and to gain cultural experience and news skills related to doing different activities with Semper Avanti.

I am living in a beautiful flat in Sienkiwicza Street, with three flatmates: two Poland students and one Romanian EVS volunteer. The relationship with them is very good and instructive to learn language and culture skills.

To finish my description, my hobbies are make sport, watch films, read books, and meet people.

Thank you to read this! Bests,



Alex- Bogdanel Buza – Rumunia


I’m Alex, I am 24 years old and I come from Resita from Romania.

I graduated Marketing at Eftimie Murgu University in Resita; used to work as a sales-consultant in Romania’s biggest retail company, afterwards I decided to move in England where I spent 5 months. At one point I just decided to quit my job there to start volunteering in Romania.
I am an open minded person , full of enthusiasm and joy, optimistic, spontaneous, charming, a people person you may say.
I love the idea of harmony and peace and everything that I do is according to that. There is nothing that brings me more joy than making others smile.
I choose to see only the beauty of this life which is why I am so full of positive energy all the time .

I believe I can help others and so I’ve chosen to make the difference by volunteering around the world so that I may learn as much as possible and understand people a little bit more. Knowledge is a powerful tool and it can be used to help others and in the end, that is truly my goal.