Hiszpański wieczór kulturowy w Księgarni Hiszpańskiej – 28.06.2015

Dzień dobry! Good morning! Buenos días! We are happy to announce that next Monday 29.06.2015 we will have the Spanish Cultural Evening! If you want to extend your knowledge about this country, and taste its flavour, don´t forget to join us in the spanish coffee-library called „Księgarnia Hiszpańska”, located in Ul. Szajnochy 5, at 19.00 h. And the entrance is free!

José Escobedo, our spanish EVS volunteer in the project MLC (Multicultural Language Café), will make this presentation. It will be in Spanish, with translations to Polish. During this event it will be possible to learn some facts about Spain and to watch some spanish landscapes and great places with videos and pictures, and the main information will be related with the history and culture of this country. But, also, will be possible to taste some spanish food!

spanisz cultural eveing