Kolejny wolontariusz na pokładzie MLC

Do naszego zespołu wolontariuszy zaangażowanych w MLC – Multicultural Language Cafe dołączył kolejny gość – jest to Umurhan. Poniżej możecie przeczytać kilka słów, które napisał o sobie Umurhan.

Umurhan Bayri – Turcja

Hello everyone! My name is Umurhan and I am a volunteer from Turkey. I am 25, recently graduated from English Language and Literature. I was born in Ankara and lived there for 16 years. Then I moved to other city called Eskişehir and studied in a other city called Kütahya. You might say I am quite a traveller! Last year I was on Erasmus in Hungary, Pecs and there I traveled a lot of countries, saw different cultures, had a taste of a life. After that I wanted to give back to society and share my experience with all the people who are interested in listening. I found Semper Avanti and came to Wroclaw two days ago. I had the feeling that I would like this city before coming and I was right. I believe that I will have a lot of good memories and useful experience here. Thanks for reading my story