Lower Silesian Mechanism of Youth Participation

Dolnośląski Mechanizm Partycypacji Młodzieży (Lower Silesian Mechanism of Youth Participation)

It is with great pleasure to inform that the Semper Avanti Association has been given a grant on the implementation of the project ‘Dolnośląski Mechanizm Partycypacji Młodzieży’ (Lower Silesian Mechanism of Youth Pariticipation) which is fulfilled within the scope of the programme “Citizens for Democracy” financed by EEA Grants.

The aim of this project is to develop, compile and consolidate current actions for the benefit of participation and consultation of youth’s interests in Lower Silesia in order to improve integrity as well as effectiveness of those actions.

The prime goals are: support and integration of local actions during seminars, trainings and conferences, development of youth council’s portal and moreover, creation of new commune and district councils, finally, the preparation of a proposal of youth politics by the involved participants.

Young people from Lower Silesia together with their local environment, including self-governments, are the basic target group.

As a result of this project, youngsters are to acquire the professional skills of expressing and representing their interests at the local level, including active consulting of legal documents and promotion of their own ideas on local actions and changes.

More information on entering the project will be provided soon.