The Lower Silesian Regional Assembly of Youth

The Lower Silesian Regional Assembly of Youth (LSRAY) is a consultation body and an advisory vote for The Lower Silesian Regional Assembly in the region. It was started in autumn 2013 and comprises 60 young people from Lower Silesia. The members of the LSRAY are youngsters aged 13 to 21 (each district from Lower Silesia has got two representatives), who are elected in autumn every year during local and district conferences on problems and needs of young people. The tasks of the LSRAY are to represent teenagers' interests  over  the local authority, provide opinions about  propositions and actions of the Regional Council of Lower Silesia (Samorząd Województwa Dolnośląskiego) and allow youngsters to participate in creating of the civil community as the background of a dialogue between young people and the council.

What’s more, the councillors of the LSRAY ask for opinions and are in regular contact with young people from particular districts, they promote the idea of self-government among youngsters but also they initiate activities referring to teenagers in the whole region.

The Semper Avanti Association, as an supportive organization, assists the work of the Assembly. The Association helps to run the office of the LSRAY, provides technical support of councillors election, takes care of its website, gives meritorious assistance for youth participation in local and foreign motions and finally informs about actions taken by the Assembly of Youth.