Tools to support learning process and employability of EVS volunteers – results of the OVPELO project.

We would like to introduce official platform elaborated by the common efforts of international

partner organizations, dealing with EVS volunteering opportunities, within the framework of the

project OVPELO. The project has been financed by the Italian National Agency IT03/ Agenzia

Nazionale dei Giovani, under the framework of Erasmus+ Program, sector “YOUTH”, number 2014 –

1 – IT03 – KA205 – 001364.

The name of the project OVPELO stands for “Optimization of Validation process of EVS Learning

outcomes” and its purpose is to help young people, especially those who have completed or are

currently doing an EVS, to better assess the gained competences in order to use them more

appropriately for employability.

This platform proposes various tools, helpful for valuing competences, as well as a model of

reference letter, to be requested by the current or former volunteers to their EVS coordinators.


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