Wieczór Kultury Włoskiej – już w tym tygodniu!

Już dziś zapraszamy wszystkich na Włoski Wieczór Kulturowy, który odbędzie się w najbliższy piątek (23.09.2016) o godz. 18.00 w Infopunkcie Nadodrze.

Italy is one of the most favorite destinations for the tourists from all over the world. It is full of wonderful and famous cities such as Venice, Firenze, Roma, Milano and Pisa. But this is only a small part of the country that still has a lot of places to discover. Indeed Italy does not finish after Rome or Napoli. This event has the aim of showing and discovering the mostly unknown South of Italy, the so called “Mezzogiorno”. Here there are regions full of history, tradition and culture sometimes sadly famous only because of mafia and criminality but that really deserve to be discovered and visited as the other regions of the North and of the Centre.

Miejsce wydarzenia: Infopunkt Nadodrze – http://www.lokietka5.pl/