Włoszka w Semper Avanti – Anna o sobie

Nowa wolontariuszka na pokładzie Semper Avanti! Poczytajcie jak pisze o sobie Anna Włoch.

Hi everyone!
I’m Anna. I am from Lucca, a small town in Tuscany and I am 27 years old. I studied History of Art
at the University of Pisa. Several reasons bring me into this project.
I graduated one year ago and after some months I felt the urge of new experiences in a totally new
environment. I spent ten months in Norwich (UK), where I did the Erasmus: that period changed all
my prospective, pushed my out comfort zone and make me desire another experiences abroad. At
the same time I wanted to discover a new language and a new culture.
So I found totally suitable an EVS in Poland, where I never been and which I knew very little.
Finally, I am extremely interested in working in intercultural group of people in which languages,
traditions and different points of view are constantly mixed all together.
About myself:
I love art and any expression of creativity. My second greatest passion is cinema and TV series. I
enjoy music as well, especially indie and rock. I also like eating and cooking new dishes from all
over the world.
I consider myself as a sociable, open minded and responsible person. I like feeling myself
productive and involved everyday in new challenges. If I am like this, I think that it is thanks to the
Scout Association, in which I has been inscribed since I was 8 years old. It helped me to forge my
character and learn how to take choices in life. I enjoy swimming and going outdoors for trekking
and picnic with fiends.